Stela Atanasova (Bulgarian: Стела Атанасова), already known as Astell, is a Bulgarian music composer and vocalist.

Stela Atanasova started her education in the Music school of Bourgas. She graduated the Music School with viola and opera singing. She got the bachelor degree in Computer Science, programm “Computer music” at New Bulgarian University.  In 2012 Stela Atanasova graduated the doctor degree in Computer and Algorithmic music.

She took part in many festivals of electronic and electroacoustic music in Bulgaria as a performer on synthesizers and electric viola. She became one of the performers of the Bulgarian Olympic Song “Celebrate Humanity” in 2002, created for the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.  In 2010, she and her colleague, won the audience award  in the Competition of British Council for soundtrack of Sofia, with their song “Amazing”.

In 2010, Astell has created the band Metalwings, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Music of Metalwings combines symphonic, gothic and melodic metal with opera vocals and celtics ornaments. Metalwings participates in lots of concerts and festivals for rock and metal music in Bulgaria. The band has several own songs, the most popular among them is Crying of the Sun. The interesting sound of Metalwings comes also from the sound of electric viola.

Since 2012 Stela Atanasova is a lecture at New Bulgarian University. Her interests are in the research field of computer and fractal music.

1386401230_facebook_square 1386401233_youtube_square_color Unknown souncloud

1386401230_facebook_square 1386401233_youtube_square_color Unknown souncloud


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